In winning Global Maritime Lawyer of the Year 2014-2015 our Managing Director was recognised by the judging panel as follows:

“Michael stood out as someone who had contributed important work to an increasingly important area of regulation for shipping. His work on risk, opportunity, and best practice in the polar regions has helped force these issues to the forefront of the industry and governmental agenda.”

“His activity around the international safety regulations in the Arctic has helped produce an ice regime being considered for the Polar Code that will define maritime activity in this environmentally sensitive region,” the judges said.

Following his presentation at United States Coastguard Head Quarters in December 2015 on the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Lusitania the Commanding Officer of the USCG Maritime Safety Centre made the following comments about out Managing Director’s work:

“I can’t thank Michael Kingston enough for his talk and his continued leadership on the Arctic and maritime safety. Michael’s comments provide a good overview of his fascinating insight into this tragedy. The personal connections through the youth of Kinsale and through invited guests that had family connections to the tragedy really brought this piece of history to life for the coast guard attendees. It was a very special occasion! Throughout the talk Michael connected the lessons of the past with current issues and once again demonstrated his incomparable leadership in taking on these challenges! In the days before reliable radio ships used to pass msg via signal flags. The signal BZ was sent to say “Well Done” from one Commanding Officer to another. On behalf of the staff at USCG HQ, I say BZ to Michael for his exceptional presentation”