We have a strong track record in working on environmental issues. One of the foundation blocks for our work on best practice standards in the Energy, Renewable and Maritime industry is to help protect the world’s environment. By helping industry create the correct behavioural atmosphere through best standards we endeavour to ensure the environment in protected by reducing risk, and also help industry and Government achieve carbon reduction targets. As well as working with industry we are working with International Regulatory bodies such as the IMO, and regional bodies such as the Arctic Council, and the Bonn Agreement Secretariat to help achieve these aims. We have for example worked with the North Sea Prosecutors Forum through the Bonn Agreement Secretariat as a link between Administrations and industry to help collaborate in relation to pollution best practice. We have also been instrumental in the establishment of the Arctic Shipping Best Practices Information Forum to assist in the harmonised implementation fo the Polar Code.

We recognise that regulation must be fit for purpose and then it must be enforced and the best way to do that tis through a truly collaborative approach.


For further information about this work please read:

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