Our work in the Energy Sector following the Deep-Water Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has been far reaching and has helped achieve regulatory change. We have worked on Lloyd’s of London’s Drilling in Extreme Environment’s Report following the incident, and also on Lloyd’s 2012 Arctic Report. Much of the concerns of the energy industry with our assistance has helped to influence the international regulatory process, including the finalisation of the Polar Code for Shipping and the establishment of the Arctic Shipping Best Practices Information Forum, a key participant being the Oil Companies International Marine Forum.

We have assisted in giving Corporate Governance Advice to leading companies in the Energy Sector including leading insurers of energy operations at Board level, to ensure they are involved in the correct Best Practice discussions. Due to this work those companies have been associated with responsible developments for the protection of their industries and have helped them put in place the correct procedures to prevent incidents in so far as is possible, a key requirement highlighted by the failings of Deep Water Horizon.


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As the world increasingly moves towards new energy resources in the Maritime industry it is important to keep abreast of developments in LNG. Much of the focus on new- builds in the shipping industry are incorporating LNG as their fuel source. We are at the cutting edge of the regulatory developments that are driving this change and are working with industry to assist in this transition.


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