Our work on facilitating international trade is a central theme in all the sectors we work in. It is our aim to assist clients to make their trading environment easier by focusing on best practice standards, helping to protect their industry through the setting of standards by industry in a bottom-up approach, facilitating a better trading environment, and allowing Government and International Regulators to un-shackle responsible industry. This critically involves industry stepping up to the mark and being proactive, helping to create a truly collaborative approach. We have considerable experience in helping make this approach work and can guide clients in the right direction.

Additionally, we have been involved in making direct introductions through our global work helping to organise trade missions, and have participated in important Government trade delegations, and have worked with the European Commission, individual Governments, and regional Government organisations, and with several industry organisations such as Oil & Gas UK, The British UKTI Nordic-Baltic and North American trade team, Mersey Maritime, the Swedish International Chamber fo Commerce, The Russo-British Chamber of Commerce,  The British-Irish Trading Alliance, and the British-Irish Trading Alliance, amongst many others.

We have worked on the development of the Trans-Atlantic Trade & Investment Partnership the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, and the Canadian-European Trade Agreement.


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