We believe in contributing to the welfare of society on a global basis and see it as the most important foundation for all the work that we do.  Some of our voluntary work has included helping the International Chamber of Shipping  promote a UN Humanitarian Assistance Zone in the Mediterranean. This work has including brokering important meetings with the United Nations. We have also intervened on behalf of citizens in difficulties abroad, including in the United States and China. We have also stood up for fundamental rights under the Irish Constitution and under the European Convention on Human Rights in respect of maritime tragedy investigation.

The Whiddy Island Disaster- High Court Action

Whiddy Island Disaster Go Fundme Webpage. French Translation . 02.08.2019_


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We also believe wholeheartedly in the protection of human rights.


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We have also helped to raise money for important projects, such as Bantry General Hospital and Cork Air Ambulance.

We have also been involved in protecting some of our most important seafaring landmarks feature in the Irish Times and Southern Star in bid to save Fastnet Light.