Our work includes:

Representing International Union of Marine Insurance (world’s energy & marine insurers) at the International Maritime Organisation on the finalisation of the Polar Code;

Participant of Advisory Council of All Party Parliamentary Group on the Polar Regions;

Advising London Insurance Market Joint-Hull Committee on Polar matters;

Advising International Ice Charting Working Group;

Advising NASA;

Advising Arctic Council Shipping Expert Group of PAME;

Advising individual Arctic Governments;

Advising House of Lords Arctic Committee;

Advising World Meteorological Organisation on Arctic matters;

Advising European Union’s DG MARE on Arctic Policy;

Advising European Union’s Climate Change Applicate Assembly (on effect of Arctic changes on mid latitudes);

Advising UK FCO on Arctic matters;

Advising UK Department of Trade on Arctic positioning;

Advising various United States Agencies regarding Arctic positioning during Arctic Council Chairmanship (May 2015 – May 2017).

Advising indigenous community groups in the Arctic regarding Best Practice Standards;

Advising the world cruise line industry regarding the Polar Code; and

Advising Environmental organisations regarding Polar Regulation.

Advising the Indigenous Communities of the Arctic.


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