March 2021 Michael Kingston message on the occasion of the World Meteorological Day 2021:The World Meteorological Day (WMD) 2021 is devoted to the theme “the ocean, our climate and weather” .  It celebrates WMO’s focus in connecting the ocean, climate and weather within the Earth System.  It also honours that this is the starting year for the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030). WMO is committed to contributing with much of its work integral for the “safe ocean”, “predicted ocean” and “transparent ocean” goals of the Decade.

February 2021 Advising Bonn Agreement Secretariat

February 2021 Legal Advice – Association with Conways Solicitors

February 2021 Assisting on Humanitarian issue regarding ‘Economic Hostage’ in China.

February 2021 Statement on behalf of IMO to Arctic Council’s Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment Working Group Meeting (virtual) regarding Polar Code, and ratification of Cape Town Agreement for Fishing Vessel Safety

January 2021 Has the Whiddy Island Disaster taught us anything about Safety of Life at Sea?

January 2021 Representing Arctic Council in Presentation to American Meteorological Society in conjunction with NASA

January 2021 Appearing before Irish Parliament regarding proposed legislation governing Ireland’s Marine Casualty Investigation Board.

Televised Proceedings 29 January 2021


Opening Statement

December 2020 Ocean Focus – Ireland and the Arctic Council.

December 2020 Playing a Key role in Ireland’s current application to join the Arctic Council Southern Star

Winter 2020 Inshore Ireland, Pressure builds on Ireland to ratify
international fishing vessel safety

‘Michael Kingston representing IMO and Arctic Council PAME Group, highlighting OCIMF and ICS Best Practice Recommendations 24th November 2020’ Video

May 2020 Ireland’s RTE Six One, Television Interview regarding the grounding of MV “ALTA”

March 2020 Article in Ocean Focus  Ireland’s Maritime Safety Regulations Must be Reviewed

March 2020 Statement on behalf of IMO at Ministerial Meeting Opatija, Croatia regarding ratification of Cape Town Agreement for Fishing Vessel Safety

February 2020 Ireland’s RTE News at One, Radio Interview regarding the grounding of MV “ALTA”

October 2019 Working as IMO Consultant at biggest Fishing Vessel Safety Conference in IMO History in Torremolinos Spain moderating the following panels:

Session 4: Improving Safety, Reducing Risk, And Protecting Our Search and Rescue Services; and

Session 5: Effectiveness of International Fishing Vessel Programmes and Responsible Fishing Schemes to Promote Safety

IMO fishing vessel treaty gets major boost at historic IMO-led Ministerial Conference

October 2019 Participating in 8th Symposium of an Ice-Diminishing Arctic, Wilson Centre, Washington D.C, United States

Inshore Ireland, Ireland Must Ratify the Cape Town Agreement.Summer 2019

Inshore Ireland, The Whiddy Island Disaster- High Court Action. Autumn 2019

Arctic Council’s Website ‘Arctic Shipping Best Practices Information Forum

June 2019 Statement as part of Government of Iceland Delegation to IMO Maritime Safety Committee 102 Meeting, IMO HQ, London United Kingdom, regarding Polar Code, and ratification of Cape Town Agreement for Fishing Vessel Safety

April 2019 Talk Harvard University ‘Arctic Shipping and the Northern Sea Route, Shipping Trends, and The New Polar Code Regulations: The Concerns and Contributions of The International Insurance Industry

February 2019 Statement Malmo, Sweden on behalf of IMO regarding ratification of Cape Town Agreement for Fishing Vessel Safety

January 2019 Keynote talk The Reform Club, Pall Mall, London on the Occasion of the Arctic Encounter London Gala Dinner at the invitation of the United States and United Kingdom

October 2018 Presentation, Vladivostok, Russia, as Special Advisor to Arctic Council’s Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment Working Group at Meeting of Arctic Council’s Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment Working Group at the Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University, 01-04 October 2018

September 2018 Organising Maine Trade Delegation to Ireland to sign Economic Partnership Agreement with Cork County Council– Inshore Ireland ‘Ireland’s Arctic momentum gathers pace’

May 2018 Talk Westminster ‘Plastics in the Ocean’

July 2018 Participating in 8th Symposium of an Ice-Diminishing Arctic, Wilson Centre, Washington D.C, United States

Panel video ‘Infrastructure and Investment – Can the United States Facilitate an International Arctic Seaway?’

Panel Video ‘Shipping – Operational Views on Arctic Shipping’

Successfully assisting Irish citizen in difficulty in United States Hope for Irish man Keith Byrne as top international lawyer gets involved in case Lawyer urges US to reconsider deporting Irish man

Tanker Shipping and Trade December 2017Rules are one thing: implementation another

United States Coastguard ‘Proceedings’ Publication December 2017 ‘Why We Should Care ? - The insurance market and changing maritime industry risks’

November 2017 Talk Lloyd’s Agency

August 2017 Safety Will Not Stand Still for Ireland

Lusitania talk July 2017, Cork, Ireland in aid  Cork Air Ambulance

Southern Star June 2017Cork man to forefront of Polar Shipping laws

Video of Speech Arctic Council Summit Fairbanks Alaska May 2017 upon Declaration of Arctic Shipping Best Practices Declaration by Arctic States.

Lloyd’s of London 03 January 2017Polar Code sets new industry standards

Riviera Media January 2017Decoding the Polar Code’

Contributing as Expert to Lloyd’s 2017 Stochastic modelling of liability accumulation risk Report.

Tanker Shipping and Trade Top 50 2017

Lloyd's Market Association 2017 'JHC Navigating Limits Sub Committee'

Irish Legal News  'West Cork Lawyer takes maritime debate into the House of Commons'

Southern Start 19 November 2016 'Solicitor from West Cork helps draw up Polar Code'

August 2016 Article in Frontier Energy ‘Learning Lessons from History

Frontier Energy August 2016'Best Practice Breakthrough'

Southern Star 19 June 2016Goleen’s Kingston joins forces with Gareth Peirce on Brexit

Irish Times 20 June 2016The UK must stay in EU to protect rights

Irish World 14 June 2016Europe really does protect our fundamental rights

Tanker Shipping and Trade 18 May 2016Tanker owners: Time to back a humanitarian zone off North Africa

Irish Times 25 April 2016Humanitarian zone needed to stop refugee drownings

Insurance Day 19 February 2016 'LNG megastructures the Challenges for Insurers'

Riviera Media January 2016Decoding the Polar Code’

Tanker Shipping and Trade Top 50 2016

The Lawyer Top 100 2016

WMO 'Better Arctic Observations Needed to Meet Climate Change Challenges, Opportunities'

Insurance Day Article October 10th 2015 'Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)'

Video of Key Note Speech Institute of the North Fairbanks Alaska 29th September 2015

Lusitania talk Skibbereen, Co Cork July 2015 for Bantry General Hospital

United States Coastguard Challenge Coin 2015

Power and Energy Solutions 15 June 2015 'It is time to target Sustainable Growth

Insurance Day 10 June 2015 'Coming in From the Cold’ 

Insurance Day Article February 13th 2015 'Liability repercussions of the Trans-Atlantic Trade Investment Partnership'

Lloyd’s List Top 100 2015

Tanker Shipping and Trade Top 50 2015

Insurance Day 09 December 2014. ‘'Ice regime for Arctic Shipping Risks Welcomed'

Insurance Day 20 November 2014 Article on Polar Code

British Delegation 01 November 2014  'UKTI Arctic Circle Conference Iceland'.

Lloyd’s List Global Maritime Lawyer of the Year 2014- 2015

Deepwater Quarterly Issue 08 - 17 July 2014 'Regulating the Arctic'

July Edition 2014 - IHS Maritime- Article regarding Polar Code

July Edition 2014 – Nautilous Telegraph – Continuation of Article by Michael Kingston

June Edition 2014 – Nautilous Telegraph Article by Michael Kingston Page 25 ‘Clear Thinking for Cold Climates

19 June 2014 Article in Insurance Day Costa Concordia: Raising the Wreck

03 June 2014 Article in Post Magazine ‘Arctic: Coming in from the Cold

19 May 2014 Article in Insurance Day ‘Northern Exposure: Arctic Opportunities for Marine Underwriters

17 April 2014 Article in Lloyd’s List ‘Wreck removal may cost owners dear despite convention coming into force

11th March 2014 & 12th March 2014 Sustainable Shipping Conference Report’ on Swedish Polar Research Secretariat website and Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

15 March 2014 Lloyd’s of London Press Release (repeated in several papers worldwide) following Arctic Ice Conference on 12th March

28th February 2014 Insurance Industry Presentation at IMO re Polar Code by Michael Kingston...

21 January 2014 Post Magazine ‘Costa Concordia: Two years on

10 January 2014 Article in Lloyd’s ‘Cruise ship pairing not viable in Arctic waters'

08 January 2014 Article from Lloyd’s List ‘Insurers forced to develop their own solutions for Arctic vessels

02 January 2014 Article from Lloyd’s List ‘Nairobi Wreck Removal Convention is one step away from ratification

28 December 2013 English Independent ‘Costa Concordia insurance bill to rise to 1.2 billion

20 December 2013 - Article from Lloyds’ List: ‘Managing Risk in the Thawing North’

(This article also appeared in a commemorative one-off book to mark the end of Lloyd’s List paper form after 279 years)

9 October 2013 Article Lloyd’s List ‘Where there is a Way but no Will

regarding the systems that could be put in place re alarms and the non-availability of salvage equipment.

26 September 2013 – All About Shipping – ‘Hot Topic – shipping sails into troubled waters

Report of Arctic Panel Discussion 'UK TI Nordic Baltic Seminar Mansion House' London.09.05.2013

Lloyd’s of London 2012 Report ‘Arctic_Risk_Report - An Arctic Opening Opportunity and Risk in the High North’

Lloyd’s of London 2011 Report ‘Drilling In Extreme Environments Report